Striking Sundowner Tulip

Sundowner Tulip Isn’t this a spectacular tulip?   Not only are the colors of red with strips of yellow a beautiful combination, but the double blooms make a fantastic show!   Apparently, the flower starts out yellow and changes day by day until it becomes a firey red.   This tulip can be quite the conversation piece as [...]

Lifestyle Lily Tree

Lifestyle Lily Tree This is a showstopper of a lily!!!   It can grow as high as 8′ in its lifetime without even one stake to hold it up.   Usually, it will grow 2 to 3′ the first year, 5 to 6′ the second year and 6 to 8′ the 3rd year.    Imagine flowers larger than [...]

Crystal Lake Everblooming Geranium

Crystal Lake Everblooming Geranium Instead of planting customary red, pink or white geraniums, try this everblooming species.  Notice the vibrant color!  The small 1″ bluish-white bloom has magenta colored veins running through it.   This plant blooms in zones 4-8 from Summer to first frost.   They grow 20″ high in sun to part shade and make [...]

Double Freesia Mixture

Double Freesia as a garden border Behold this wonderful Double Freesia Mixture from Europe and Australia.   If you’ve traveled abroad and seen them in gardens, you probably wished for the same beauty in your garden.   Well, now you can make them your own!   Just visit    and place an order.  They will ship when the [...]

Butterfly Amaryllis

Butterfly Amaryllis 3 Isn’t the Amaryllis one of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen?   Well, Butterfly Amaryllis certainly is unusual!   Notice the striking colors and lines in the blooms.   The background of the flower is white tinged in pale green.   The inner part is a striking shade of burgundy.  And, last but not least, [...]