Walk-on-me Plant
Walk-on-me Plant

Looking for colorful ground cover?  Here it is!!!   Beautiful crimson flowers with evergreen foliage grows approx. 3″ high and very dense.   The flowers only bloom in June and July.   This is a creeping thyme plant.  When you walk on it, you will smell that wonderful thyme fragrance everytime.   You can plant it in sun or part-shade and in very-hard-to-grow spots.   Set each plant 6″ to 12″ apart and watch it spread!!!   Imagine “walk-on-me” around flagstones, pathways, or in certain areas of your landscape where you no longer wish to mow.   On-line purchases can be made at   www.directgardening.com .   You can pay $2.99 for 3 plants or add another penny and get 6 instead!!!  They’re having a 1 cent sale!     You can, also, get them at www.eburgess.com  for the same price.     Picture came from    images.search.yahoo.com.      Info  was derived from   Burgess seed & Plant Co. and www.directgardening.com.

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